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» Just an FYI...
If you didn't already know, I am currently blogging with a few other people over at: http://lowbrowmedia.blogspot.com/

I talk about comic books and video games and so far I've been able to be consistent with my postings. A real accomplishment for me. Take a look and leave comments...

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» My road to homeownership (an aside)
It's been a while since I did anything here so I figured with the events of the past week, I should update...

A few weeks back I started looking at houses once again in hopes of finding something that would work out for me. Well, those plans are now on indefinite hold. This past Sunday, on my way back from State College to Pittsburgh, my car got blown around pretty good just after the Cresson Summit exit on route 22. I spun out and wound up putting the back end of the Tracker into a guard rail. I haven't gotten it to a garage yet for an estimate but that's mainly because the weather has been total crap around here and I haven't been feeling too well. My labyrinthitis has been acting up and it's been taking a lot to get me through the day. Last night after work, I crashed out and slept for about twelve hours hoping that upon waking all would at least be better. I can't tell that it is and I'm not sure if it's connected to the crash.

When I went to the doctor a couple of weeks back when it started up, he prescribed me meclazine for the dizziness, which does little more than make me feel super-tired and does nothing to really counteract the vertigo. My understanding is that it might take a while for the labyrinthitis to totally clear up. I got the impression such was the case until Monday when it came back. Now, just for the record, when I had the accident, at no time did my head impact anything in the car. I was, at worse, jostled about by the spinning and that ever so sudden stop at the guard rail. I got out, inspected the damage, and picked up any bits that I didn't want to leave about for another motorist to run over. This makes me think that the dizziness is not the result of a possible concussion from the accident. If anything, I'm beginning to think that the flare up has been from the emotional stress of the accident and the greater realization of my current situation.

It feels like I have hit absolute bottom right now, the worst case scenario has come to pass. The Tracker is damaged, possibly to the point where it would be unwise to get it repaired. That leaves me to buying a new vehicle and taking on car payments and increased insurance costs. That sets all of my plans back unless I can find myself a better paying job and I don't think that's going to be happening any time soon. Also, the Tracker is pretty much the last physical thing I have of mom's. When she died, I bought off the Tracker so there is that emotional attachment to it as well.

Okay, so this update has been more of a wangst-fest than I wanted it to be. Anyway, that's where things are and so "My road to homeownership" has hit a wall. When I start it up again, you all will know... both of you.
» My road to homeownership
So it looks like my first shot at homeownership is done. While I feel the house would have been great for me, as things progressed, it felt like my realtor didn't have my best interests in mind. First, when I decided what my initial offer was going to be, she questioned it as being too low, which I knew it was but I was looking for bargaining room. Next, she said it would probably take some time before word would come back in regards to a counter offer as well as court acceptance. See, the house is under a guardianship because the little old lady that used to live there is in a home now. In any case, I was ready to wait about a week or so before any word would come back and that the process would take some time. I was ready for this, it's what she prepared me for. Yesterday, I get one urgent email after another leading up to a text message saying I have to call her back as soon as possible. There was a counter offer made as well as another offer on the table from another party and boy, oh, boy if I didn't move now I might miss out on the house.

The emails contained cost sheets to show what I was looking at in regards to money needed and what my payments would be. Compared to stuff I'd reviewed from the bank, the total she came up with and the monthly payments were more than what I wanted to spend. The cost would have left me what my friend Beth called "House Poor" which I defined as eating ramen every night without a chair to sit on. Not my ideal situation.

When I finally called my realtor up during my lunch break, I mentioned that it all seemed a little high and she basically told me that's just how it was. I mentioned some stuff I'd pulled from my book on VA loans about certain costs they won't let me pay for which she had no idea what I was talking about. In the end, I didn't feel comfortable with the house and I don't feel comfortable with my realtor. Now, I'm on the search for a realtor who has at least closed on a property that involved a VA loan. It'd be really specially if they closed on multiple VA loans. Anyway, I'm seeing this as a lesson learned and an opportunity to find something better.

Next step: contact the bank and see if they have any realtors they like to deal with and contact the VA to see if there's a list of realtors they keep on hand...

...till the next...

» My road to homeownership
Saturday I'm going to look at my first house with a realtor. It's a nice little one story with two bedrooms, a garage, a nice little yard, and a porch. From what I've seen online, it looks like it could be a very good candidate for me. Then again, this is the only one I've had the desire to see. The move I've been looking into things, I begin to wonder how long it'll be before I realize buying a house isn't designed for someone looking for what I have in mind. Then, I'll just wind up settling with an apartment. In any case, we'll see where this goes...

...till the next...

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